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San Diego DUI Lawyer

San Diego DUI Lawyer – Hire Best Local Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm For Aggressive Representation

Having an affordable, experienced, and one of the best San Diego DUI lawyer can make a difference on your case. Your goal should be to hire someone who can provide an aggressive representation for your charges. The county and city is well known as one of the top places where the police department is active in arresting and charging people with a drunk driving. Not only that but DUI penalties are harsh in California. This is the time where offenders would want to engage a qualified San Diego DUI lawyer help in order to reduce the charges without leaving a criminal record on file.

DUI Attorney Practice Areas

We handle all kinds of minor and serious driving while under the influence related charges. It doesn’t matter the type DUI offense our DUI attorney team can help you with it. Here just a quick overview of some of the areas we serve our customers in:

  • First DUI
  • Multiple DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • College Students DUI
  • DMV Hearings For DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Misdemeanor DUI

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Local San Diego Drunk Driving Law Firm Near You Explaining The Penalties Of DUI/DWI

The state of California is extremely diligent on road safety to impose stringent drunk driving laws on offenders. A driving while under the influence charge is considered a criminal charge in SD County under the jurisdiction of California. There are heavy penalties implicated with a charge; however, an arrest does not prove guilt until the court hearing gives the verdict. And an experienced San Diego DUI lawyer goal will be to make sure that you are not found guilty and face penalties.

The wide scope of DUI/DWI penalties include:

  • Jail time

  • Bail

  • License revocation

  • License suspension

  • Community services

  • Heavy fines

Quick Overview Of First/Multiple DUI/Drunk Driving Offenses And DMV Hearing Process

The wide scope of penalties imposed on an offender in driving while under the influence of alcohol or drug is set in place by the state authorities and local municipalities to cater to the different types offenders. It would not be fair to impose the same penalty on different offenders as there are different circumstances and evidences in every case.

Without the proper San Diego DUI attorney legal representation, a first-time offender arrested on while intoxicated may incur a heavy fine of $10,000 on a guilty plea or no contest option. At an arrest, the offender would experience the following:

  • A suspension of driving license

  • Testing of breath to check on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration

  • A DMV suspension document for a temporary driving license

  • The requirement to attend a court order on alcohol education program for 9 months

  • Install an ignition lock on the car

  • Pay court costs and fines

  • Settle license reinstatement fees

A proficient DUI defense by legal experts can assist multiple DUI offenders to experience a lighter penalty on:

  • A revocation of driving license

  • Jail time

  • Higher bail

  • Court hearing

  • Higher fines

  • Community services

  • Installation of IID on cars

Any offender of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of substance control will have their license automatically suspended by DMV upon an arrest without consideration of the court hearing outcome. A DMV automatic license suspension can only be avoided if a DMV hearing is set within 10 days of any arrest. We are confident that we can provide an aggressive and experienced representation if a drunk driving defense case is entrusted to our dynamic DUI defense lawyer team.

First time offenders above 21 years of age would be suspended of their license for 4 months if convicted at a DMV hearing. A one-year license suspension can be imposed if offenders refuse to perform a BAC test or provide a blood sample.

The chances of a non-conviction on a charge increase with a proficient law firm that is experienced with drunk driving cases.

We help DUI offenders to deal with the DMV procedures which include:

  • Comply with the 30-day license suspension imposed 

  • Secure a restricted license through a proper application

  • File the DL804 form with the DMV

  • File also the SR-22

  • Install the IID if required by the court

Getting the Best Legal Representation Essential For Your DUI Case

A DUI/DWI charge can carry heavy impositions if the offender is found guilty after a court ruling. The offender and loved ones can be very stressed throughout the proceedings without the professional legal assistance in town. An arrest can be extremely embarrassing and intimidating without proper legal representation. You need to hire the right criminal drunk driving defense experts who offer the best of legal services that is professional and respectable in the market.

A DUI arrest would subject the offender to:

  • Various breath tests

  • Intimidating interrogations by police and prosecution

  • Discriminating testimonies by law enforcement officers

  • Court hearings

  • Heavy bails to stay out of jail

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It is possible to avoid a conviction when arrested on a DUI/DWI charge when one hires the right legal team to be at the frontline for them. We provide one of the best San Diego DUI lawyer strategies and services. Our Strategy is to dismantle the prosecutor case and question everything they bring up against you. Our legal team versed with the local and state drunk driving laws can handle any case efficiently and professionally to expunge any charge against the offender. Contacting and hiring the right San Diego drunk driving lawyers who cares about their client is important for your case. These attorneys would service their clients on the following:

  • Be updated on the local DUI/DWI law

  • Liaise with the prosecution at the District Attorney’s office

  • Perform in-depth independent investigations to nullify the charge against the offender

  • Attend all necessary court hearings cases

  • Help with bail bonding

Cities We Serve

We handle all types of DUI and drunk driving cases all over SD County cities and courts. If your city is not here do not assume that we can’t help you:

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