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Chula Vista DUI Lawyer –  National City, Otay Mesa-Nestor, & San Ysidro Drunk Driving Defense Help

Welcome to our best local  affordable Chula Vista DUI Lawyer helping South Bay residents like National City, Otay Mesa-Nestor and San Ysidro etc. It is common for drivers to be intimidated with a drunk driving arrest and charge without knowing plausible avenues of dismissal because they did not have the privilege of consulting an experienced Chula Vista DUI attorney in town.

A well versed drunk driving lawyer would diligently investigate every aspect of the incident leading to the charge to defend the accused in securing an acquittal or charge reduction.

Chula Vista DUI Attorney Drunk Driving DMV Hearings Help

A driving while under the influence charge would compel the accused driver to attend a DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest. The DMV hearing is a different authoritative platform from the court hearing to investigate on the charge and incident before invoking stringent actions and consequences on the guilty driver.

The DMV hearing is handled by its own officer apart from the legal department where the accused driver could have the driver’s license suspended or revoked based on the severity of the charge and incident.

A skilled Chula Vista DUI lawyer representation should be present with the accused at a DMV hearing for a more favorable outcome as the attorney is familiar with the processes and legality of the case.

Penalties and Punishment For Chula Vista DUI Charges

The severity of penalties or punishment incurred on DUI charges upon conviction include:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Mandatory DUI school attendance
  • Installation of IID for a period of time

Different degrees of penalties and punishment are imposed based on the severity of the DUI case such as:

  • First or repeated DUI offense
  • Misdemeanor or felony DUI charge
  • Criminal history of the accused

A driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol charge could be recorded as a misdemeanor for most first, second and third time offenses if the incident holds no serious consequences or outcomes; otherwise, it could be listed as a felony offense unless serious injuries were noted.

When you hire A skilled Chula Vista DUI lawyer can help reduce or get your penalties dismissed.

Call Affordable Drunk Driving Law Firm That Handle Chula Vista, National City, Otay Mesa-Nestor, & San Ysidro DUI Defense Today!

Please contact Chula Vista DUI lawyer and drunk driving defense law firm  now for free consultation on all your National City, Otay Mesa-Nestor and San Ysidro cases.

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