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El Cajon DUI Lawyer – La Mesa, Santee, lemon Grove Drunk Driving Attorney

Welcome to affordable and one of the best East county and El Cajon DUI lawyer informational page for residents of Santee, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley etc. There is a stringent DUI criminal process that occurs in the above cities. The strict process is enforced by law enforcement officers who are diligent in upholding road safety in and around the county. So this is why you need experienced El Cajon DUI attorney on your side.

Any arrests made on drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) would be subject to a series of proceedings that would invoke heavy penalties. Although first time driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs offenses may incur light sentences, the county records are well kept to ensure heavier penalties for repeated offenses.

El Cajon DUI Lawyer Handling East County Area First Time  to Multiple Offense  

First time DUI offenders would need to undergo an arraignment, which is a court appearance on the charge. The defender can make a guilty or not guilty plea at this hearing. Bail would be imposed by the residing court judge at the advice of the prosecutor.

Some offenders may wish to hire an El cajon DUI lawyer or any other east county DUI attorney to assist with the tedious and complicated court proceedings if they are unfamiliar with the drunk driving laws and penalties. The defense attorney hired by the DUI defendant would advise the best course of legal action for the defendant to secure the best outcomes from these proceedings.

Negotiations and legal motions can be handled by the defense lawyer on the defendant’s behalf which is a smart decision if the defendant is unfamiliar with the legal terms and avenues of the law. A hired DUI defense attorney can also represent the defendant in the court hearing without the defendant present.

An arraignment is usually conducted to handle a misdemeanor DUI charge. A pre-trial hearing may be requested by the defendants El cajon DUI lawyer for a quick review of the case to enable an early settlement. The defendant is not required to be present at these pre-trial hearings, which may happen between the defense lawyer and the prosecutor.

Repeated DUI offenses may incur heavier penalties, especially if the offenses were repeated within a 10 year period. Heavier punishments are meted if the case involves injuries or deaths. A misdemeanor case could be reclassified into a DUI felony or criminal case, especially if a child is involved during the arrest.

A preliminary hearing is usually conducted by the prosecution and defense attorney presenting the basic evidence to support their case. If sufficient evidence is presented against the defendant, a felony DUI charge may be imposed instead of a misdemeanor. A second arraignment would be arranged where the defendant enters into a plea.

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