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Escondido DUI Lawyer and North County DWI Attorney

Welcome to our North County & Escondido dui lawyer web page. Being arrested in North County for a DUI/DWI charge is not what any driver would want to experience. The strict drunk driving laws in SD County impose stringent penalties and consequences to deter the rampant flouting of drunk driving in and around the county.

What is DUI/DWI?

  • DUI: Driving Under the Influence

  • DWI: Driving While Intoxicated

A Drunk Driving Legal System That Is Intimidating

The District Attorney office determines if a DUI charge is considered a criminal case which is subject to a court hearing  while the DMV unit activates a suspension or revocation of driving license on most charges. Both processes are complicated and time consuming besides intimidating and stressful to the offender without any legal assistance. We can provide the necessary professional legal services to simplify the process for our clients.

When A DUI Charge Is Deemed A Criminal Offense

The process becomes more complex and serious when a DUI/DWI charge is re-classified as a criminal charge. The DUI offender becomes a criminal defendant who is subject to a trial or court hearing. An arraignment is set by the local court where the offender is to appear for a defense. It is common for an arraignment to be conducted on:

  • misdemeanor cases, and

  • felony DUI charges

Our proficient DUI lawyers would advice the DUI offender on making a ‘guilty’ or ‘non-guilty’ plea depending on the circumstances for a more favorable outcome.

How an Experienced, Best, & Affordable Drunk Driving Law Firm Can Reduce The Consequences Of Your North County Charges

An experienced DUI lawyers in Escondido are qualified and thorough in reducing a driving while under the influence charge in the city by adopting the best of strategic approach to win the case favorably.

  • They would advise the offenders to plead “guilty” or “not guilty” depending on the evidence and negotiations

  • They would conduct in-depth investigations on the case to secure a non-conviction charge where possible

  • They will execute their professional relationship with the prosecuting parties

DUI DMV Actions That Are Imposing

Escondido is subject to the DMV procedures on DUI/DWI offenses. We are at the DUI offender’s side, even when different DMV penalties such as the following are imposed:

  • An immediate and automatic suspension of the driving license

  • An independent and mandatory DMV hearing

  • Heavy fines and DMV administrative costs

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