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DUI Attorney Oceanside

Experienced Oceanside DUI Lawyer – Affordable & Best Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm Getting Your Charges Dropped or Dismisses

Welcome to our Oceanside DUI attorney website. Any drunk driving charge or conviction would be listed on the criminal record of the defendant that would accumulate as “prior convictions” over time which can incur heavier penalties in other legal issues. Experienced Oceanside DUI lawyer can help prevent a criminal record through proper means.

Heavier Penalties For Multiple Offenders In DUI/DWI Charges

A DUI/DWI conviction would lead to heavier fines and penalties in the state of California which Oceanside subscribes. But our legal firm which is well established in criminal defense is well equipped help our clients:

  • Avoiding a DUI conviction

  • Reduce the jail time

  • Reduce the bail

  • Expunge a criminal record

There are many factors that may deeper the discrimination against multiple offenders in DUI but we can eliminate many discriminating evidence through a thorough defense strategies.

First Time DUI/Drunk Driving Offenders And Their Penalties

We are very efficient with DUI cases that involve first time offenders. Our legal team are very competent in defending first time DUI offenders through our skills and experience. We work hard to ensure:

  • A protection of human rights even upon an arrest on DUI charge

  • A fast DUI case that is closed without a criminal record

  • Low fines

  • No jail time 

  • Simple community services

  • No IID installation

It is important to keep a clear criminal record for one’s life. Oceanside drivers must be careful when encountering a DUI charge. We are here to assist DUI offenders to avoid:

  • Being sentenced with severe penalties on DUI charges

  • A criminal record that lasts a decade that can accumulate as multiple offenses

  • A negative effect on employment now and in the future

  • Hindrances to securing professional licenses for future opportunities

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