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san diego dui defense lawyer

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Pacific Beach DUI Lawyer and La Jolla DUI Attorney

Affordable And Aggressive Drunk Driving Law Firm Handling Mission Beach, La Jolla, Clairemont Mesa, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach DWI Defense

It is important to hire the best of DUI/DWI lawyer in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, and La Jolla when a drunk driving charge is being imposed on you or a loved one. A Good DUI defense pro can: 

  • assist in reducing fines and jail time
  • reducing the number of alcohol classes to be attended
  • convince the court to bypass an ignition lock sentence
  • can help reinstate the driving license quickly

DUI/DWI Penalties And Restrictions On Different Errant DUI Offenders

Although the DUI laws in California seem harsh and heavy, it is possible to secure lighter sentences and penalties through the skills and experience of highly competent lawyers. We can help first time DUI offenders to enjoy:

  • A non-criminal conviction
  • Lower fines by the court and DMV
  • Non-revocation of driving license
  • No probation terms
  • No ignition lock installation

Multiple DUI Offenders may also enjoy our excellent defensive skills to avoid:

  • A criminal conviction
  • A stringent probation and education program
  • An installation of IID on their car
  • Jail time and heavy fines

Pacific Beach DUI Attorneys Providing Sound Legal Counsel On All Mission Beach,La Jolla, Clairemont Mesa, Point Loma, Ocean Beach Drunk Drivng Charges

We offer one of the best of legal counsel. Some of our proficient legal services include:

  • Free consultation on legal terms and proceedings
  • Helping with bail bonds through our contacts
  • Court representation
  • Assistance with DMV hearings and administration
  • Understanding of court trials

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