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San Marcos DUI Lawyer

Our affordable and experienced San Marcos DUI lawyer provide one of the best defense for you when you are charged with drunk driving. It is crucial and helpful to secure the professional services of a qualified and reputable San Marcos, CA DUI Attorney defense attorney with a proven track record on DUI cases when one is charged with drunk driving. Our legal team offer aggressive defense with regard to these types of issues and can use any police or prosecution errors to help minimize the impact of a conviction.

San Marcos DUI Attorney Helping You Avoid Drunk Driving Penalties

Some penalties imposed with a driving while under the influence conviction include:

  • suspension or revocation of license

  • court and DMV hearing

  • fines and license reinstatement fees

  • installation of IID in the car

  • probation and education program

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DUI/DWI Offenses For First Time Offenders

Although the DUI laws in California may be strict and some of the penalties are harsh, a first time DUI offender may enjoy a lighter sentence with our professional legal representation.

  • We can assist in a non-criminal conviction through our effective representation approaches

  • We can help the defendant avoid the stipulated state alcohol education program which can be of 9 months.

  • We can deliberate the case to avoid the installation of an IID on the defendant’s car

  • We can activate the right processes to avoid a “hard” license suspension which does not permit driving

 Also Helping Multiple Drunk Driving Offenders 

We are also competent in assisting San Marcos drivers who are multiple driving while under the influence offenders for one reason or another.

  • Our experienced DUI lawyers are diligent to investigate the DUI charge intensively for supporting evidence and witness to avoid a heavy penalty and sentence

  • We would endeavor to put off a probation sentence that comes with a myriad of restrictions pertaining to driving in and around San Marcos

  • We would represent the defendant in court and DMV hearings to secure a quick release

DUI Offenses With Outside California License

When a drunk driving charge is made against a driver with a license outside of California, there may be some complications involved. The DUI offender may be subject to:

  • DUI laws in California, and

  • penalties and sentences from the issuing state

Our competent legal defense professionals are able to advise on the wide range of strategies to reduce the consequences.


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