Should I Get A Lawyer For DUI In California
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Should I Get A Lawyer For A DUI Charge


Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer For DUI/DWI in California

Should I Get A Lawyer For A DUI charge is a great question to ask. The answer is yes. It is not worth it trying to tackle DUI charges on your own. It will end up costing you more in the long run if you do not hire an experienced attorney. So next time you ask your self is it worth getting a lawyer for DUI/DWI in California know that the answer is yes.

Should I Get A Attorney For A DUI Charge – Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Attorney

The laws in California are very strict, especially when it comes to driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is a very serious offense and can even lead to a long term jail time if one do not have an experienced attorney representing he or she. Hence, if ever, caught in such a situation, it is highly recommended to get an attorney. Your attorney gives his counsel whether to plead guilty or not in such a situation. Also if the BAC reading is in .08 to .11, there is a chance that the reading might be faulty. Also, if the reading is above it, your lawyer could get you a better plea bargain.

Most of the first offenses with non-injuries gets a routine sentence. The DUI lawyer thus helps you get a better sentence and can even help you to avoid jail time. If the person is a second offense, he should definitely hire a well experience attorney as the laws for second offender are very strict and thus a DUI lawyer can be very helpful in such situations. If you are leaning towards pleading guilty, it is always wiser to get a second opinion. Hire a DUI lawyer or even demand a public defender, if you are unable to hire a DUI lawyer. The advise of any lawyer is very important in any such situations.

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